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  • How long is programme and how many days a week?
    Each Let It Shine programme runs for 6 weeks, one evening midweek for 2.5 hrs with a half day attendance at the end for Showday (Showday is either a Thursday or Friday at end of the 6 weeks from approx 5pm-10pm)
  • Where is programmed based?
    North county Dublin currently - performance also in Dublin, however depending on numbers and demand we may open a second programme in Dublin South. So if you're interested contact us immediately to find out what spaces we have available as we can only have a maximum of 20 stars! (per programme)
  • Does everyone sing a solo on Showday?
    Yes! We encourage everyone to perform a solo aswell as perform in group numbers. We will work with you over the 6 weeks to make sure you are 100% confident going out on the stage and give your very best performance. If you really don't want to perform alone, we will arrange a group song, BUT, what make this programme different to any other in Ireland is that YOU are given the opportunity to shine, and we really want you to experience that magic on stage so we really do encourage everyone to step into the spotlight and go for it :) Of course, it is ultimately your choice but we strongly encourage you to go for it!
  • Do I only sing one solo or will I be involved in other things?
    Our show will include a number of group numbers with singing, solos plus certain solos will require backing singing/chorus so you will be performing in a number of songs/performances. We encourage everyone to get involved in as many numbers as possible to get as much experience as they can. Remember everything will be taught to you by our expert coaches.
  • Is the programme all about learning songs for the final performance?
    Although our Final Show is the culmination of the programme and a lot of the content of the programme is geared towards this show, you will also learn how to get the best out of your voice, improve your stage performance and movement and build your confidence to perform infront of perople.
  • Who picks the song/solo?
    We will work with you to choose a song that you love singing, and one that suits your voice. If you prefer us to choose a new song no problem. We want you to go for it and sing that song you've always dreamed of performing but never had the chance. The final show is variety style so there is no set theme as such. (Please note a backing track must be available for your song of choice so we can have music accompaniment on Showday.)
  • Do I have to audition?
    No... there are no parts as such, everyone gets a lead and their time to shine so no audition needed. We will listen to each voice in the first few sessions to choose the best song that suits your voice but don't worry, if you're nervous about singing in public, we start slow and build your confidence each week so by Showday, there will be no holding back!
  • Is this for adults or children?
    Let It shine is for over 16's only. We figure the kids are well catered for and it's time for the grown up's to have some fun! No age limit - all ages welcome - it's NEVER to late to live your dream.
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